Welcome to Dakota's Fix Your Own TV site!

Welcome this site is for all those 'Do it yourselfers'.
If you want to fix it yourself you've found the right place!
Do you want to double check the estimate that shop gave you?
Or do you just want to tune up that set?

Working for a Warranty Authorized Service Center for 28 years
Dakota is the 300 pound Gorilla of TV Repair Kits and he's
running the chimps back into the bushes!
We have parts kits in bunches on the trees!
We have over 37,000 service manuals on file!

Not every repair qualifies for a Parts Kit
Only the most common failures. The bread and butter of the repair shops!

What are people saying about us!

I must admit my skepticism at first. I am now a believer!
I gave only a vague description of my TV’s ailments and you fellas
got it right on the first take! Y’all are TV doctors!
Ordering the JVC Dead Repair kit was easy. Shipping was quick.
Directions were clear. Installation was a snap. You guys saved me
from a world of hurt going to local repair shop
which should have cost me ten times what I did pay.
You guys are a true asset to DIY! Keep up the great work.  Mississippi

I received it on Saturday and installed it on Sunday, and it worked!
My tv is back in action now thanks to you guys. I still can't
believe that repair shop tried to get $775 out of me, and
I ended up fixing it myself for $23. You guys ROCK!   Califorina

I got the kit from Fixyourowntv and everything is great.   New York

By the way- this is the best $7 I have ever spent.   Califorina

I ordered the degaussing kit and got in three days (super fast).
The instructions were awesome, everything was great.
The whole project took me about 15 minutes.    Maine

Thank you so much for all you help. I fixed the connector with little
to no problem all for under $20.

Many repairs don't take technical skill. Just simple parts replacement!

If you feel that you have the necessary abilities to complete the
repairs presented here, then jump in with both feet.
Otherwise use the articles here for informational purposes only.

Repairs that present an extreme hazard to your safety will not be
listed here. Keep in mind if you take the back off the set there are
area's that are shock hazards. Use common sense and take precautions.
Please read this article on safety

Images presented on this site may be retouched to accurately
illustrate something that may not be easily photographed.

Solar for the Masses

copyright © 2010 Roy Moon
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